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My name is Tereza and I’m from Wellington, New Zealand. My first overseas trip away was to my parent’s homeland in Croatia in 1997.

We had a stopover in Rome before heading back home and I remember being fascinated and vowed that one day I would come back to this breathtaking city.


I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. I travelled many times to the UK and Italy until I finally settled in Rome to further my university studies and complete a doctorate in molecular biology.

I became a certified English teacher while at University and my English teaching specialty then was Medical English. Read more


Hi there, I’m Benedetta, I’ve lived in England for many years (in London and in Oxford) and I teach in Rome because it is the most beautiful city in the world!
Italy? Italy is art, culture, beauty, human relationships.
The italians are both curious about and afraid of the English Language: for me, enabling them to communicate confidently in English is a mission and a joy!


Hello All, i was born in Finland to a British-Finnish family with a flair for professional travel. I was raised in an English speaking environment from Helsinki through Lusaka, Rome, Banbury, London and Auckland.

I started teaching Italian at university, then my passion for photography, travel and the Mediterranean lead me back to … Read more


My name’s Marina. I have just moved back to Italy after spending many years living and travelling abroad: London, Berlin, Australia, Asia… I have been an English teacher and a translator since I was at University.

Can I borrow Virginia Woolf’s words to say why I love teaching? Read More


Hello there, my name’s Vicky. I was born and raised in the English countryside near Cambridge.

I’ve been an ESL teacher and translator based here in Rome for over thirty years, and I’m very happy to be able to say that I enjoy my work more and more with each passing year.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Nicole and I come from a multicultural family!! I love languages and have lived and worked in various countries, dealing with diverse cultures and communicating in different languages.

I have a passion for teaching and I feel happy when students have that “aha!” moment of finally understanding a concept.

I have been teaching for years as well as volunteering as an EFL teacher for refugees. I hold a masters degree in languages and have been an external examiner for the Italian High School final exams.

Tutor Didattici

Sono Giancarlo e mi occupo della programmazione didattica degli studenti. Da subito metto a disposizione di chi inizia un percorso di studio presso Redford la mia passione e professionalità nel comprendere esigenze e finalità.

Seguire e motivare gli allievi nel raggiungimento degli obiettivi didattici è il mio ruolo, maturato nel corso di anni di esperienza nel settore della formazione.

Faccio parte di Redford fin dalla sua nascita e ho potuto viverne la costante crescita nel corso degli anni. In qualità di tutor didattico il mio compito e’ quello di seguire e di accompagnare lo studente nella sua crescita linguistica fin dalla prima lezione.

Sono quindi la figura di riferimento per fornire assistenza e rispondere alle richieste e necessità degli allievi Redford. Leggi di più..